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Story From The Times.

A documentary focuses on stories from the holy Quran as guidance to mankind. Whilst people of the past lived peacefully under the guidance of prophets the messenger of God, those who rejected and disobey the prophets will vanish or die.
In Surah Al Imran-verse 62, God the Almighty clearly explained that the stories related are real and unquestionable. This unique documentary will showcase life of the prophets, great personalities, animals and places mentioned in the Holy Quran.

The truth

A documentary on the rise and fall of the Islamic empire in Spain. When and how Islam spread throughout the lberian Peninsular.
Reviewing Cordoba, a city that was once an important centre of knowledge and learning in Europe. The famous Cordoba Mosque built by Abdul Rahman which is able to accommodate more than 20,000 people. Also highlighted is Granada, the old city which was the last government of the Islamic empire in Andalusia. Granada is also famous for its AL-Hambra Citadel built with the characteristics of Islamic architecture.

Talk show with a line of prominent and well known speakers who will discussand interpret in detail selected Surah’s from the Holy Quran.

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