The Truth Episode 1 – Introduction

The Truth Episode 1 – Introduction

The Truth Episode 1 – Introduction is an opening episode for The Truth season 2. In this season, history of Anatolia is  revealed.

The rise and fall of the ottoman empire is not only an endless topic but also one of the most negotiable topics of Islamic history. Whether political rise in the communities of the Turko-Mongols growth or religious wars against the Christian Byzantines was the reason. The ottoman empire is still to be discovered being a significant aspect of Islamic olden times.

Today’s episode discovers the truth behind the ottoman empire, what is the ottoman empire all about, the amusing societies of the sultans of Anatolia and their various ethnic backgrounds. As we as well discover Istanbul’s Islamic influence of the past decades, we come to find out other ancient influences of the ottomans and their arrival to this holy city. The famous rule of the ottomans is to unite all of the diverse communities under only one community, and consequently flourished Islam into Anatolia which made it one of the most momentous cities in the Islamic Ummah.

After the Suleiman’s rule many changes were made.  Many people were pushed away by westerners and non-Islamic lifestyle that brought into the culture, It was the strongest reason why the ottoman strong empire was due to be changed. After being one of its highest and rangiest levels, it was now in query. The solid empire sultan Abdul Hamid never hesitated to bring back the empire once more before it was finally vanished and taken over by new territories.

What is the difference between the famous Anatolian empire of turkey and the contemporary Islamic state? Are Muslims still like it was once upon a time in history? In the next 12 episodes, audience will see more into the rise and fall of the empire and its circumstances.